Ebotics Croc&Play


Turn almost any object into a keyboard!

The creative invention kit Croc&Play transforms everyday objects into keys that send information to the computer. Create fuit pianos, clay gamepads, interactive surfaces and almost anything you can imagine. Set your imagination free!

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For users of all levels and ages

Artists, engineers, educators… the Croc&Play kit is perfect for anyone. It can also be used to teach programming for kids, since it will give them the basic notions of computer programming to learn how to program from scratch. You only need imagination and the wish to have fun!

It doesn’t require any installation

There is no need to install drivers or software. Just create the circuit, connect the objects to the Croc&Play board using the alligator cables (included in the kit) and start to play.

Develop your creativity

Fruit pianos, interactive surfaces, drawing drums and pet’s selfies: almost anything is possible. Put your creativity to work with the activities specially designed for the Croc&Play kit and explore the innumerable creation possibilities. The only limit is your imagination!

Infinite online resources

If you want inspiration for your creations, online you will find dozens of projects you can turn into reality with the creative invention kit Croc&Play. You will also find projects created with the Scratch program that you can boost and complement.

Technical Specifications

  • 1 Croc & Play board with 17 inputs
  • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Linux and most of Android devices with OTG

Box content

  • 1 Croc & Play board with 17 inputs
  • 1 Mini USB- USB 2.0 cable
  • 10 alligator cables
  • 10 jump cables male-male

Croc&Play manual