Teksta puppy adventure park


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The boys have been huge fans of Teksta pets since they first came out and have been continuously on at my hubby and I to buy one of the robotic pets, ever since I can remember! Well, finally we were afforded the chance to review a new Teksta Micro-pets from Character Online, which is a much smaller version than the classic Teksta pets. Robotic pets really don’t come much cuter than these miniature pets that respond to your touch and voice and can be trained on their playsets! The eyes light up and they run around and make cute noises, so they can act as a test pet before the boys are allowed a real puppy when they’re older.

With the added playsets, you can watch the pets zoom around on their adventure park and each individual pet has its own extra feature to complete within its playset. You can design and build your own tracks and the playset also converts into a wheel. The snap pieces can be put together in many different ways, so there is no limit to how you want the track to look!

The boys really enjoyed piecing the tracks together (which includes a bridge) and clapping their hands to activate the puppy to move. There was even a little ball, which the puppy faithfully chased around on the track that we had set out in front of him. The puppy’s eyes light up every time you make a noise, so it does really feel like this puppy has a true personality. You can also transform the tracks into a wheel and watch your puppy go, which was pretty brilliant to look at – the puppy really goes for it!